Life is constantly changing and there is always something new in the mix.  As soon as we finish one stage a new one surfaces.

That’s what LIFE TRANSITIONS are all about—dealing with the endless stream of change—get through one, move on to the next—and trying to not just survive, but thrive through it all.

Life Transition Services

Helping men and women move through life challenges with more clarity and direction toward a more abundant and fulfilled life.


Successful Life Transitions

is your “Life Navigator”

Your Guide Through Unchartered Life Transitions.



Successful Life Transitions is passionate about helping families share long healthy lives and strong relationships with peace of mind and quality of life.

Successful Life Transitions helps our clients transition into new phases of life with compassion, knowledge and expertise. Specializing in working primarily with adult children of aging parents, we coach them through the entire process, educating the family on what to expect and how to best manage the variety of emotions that will appear throughout this part of life’s journey.

Successful Life Transitions staff primarily work with busy families who are overwhelmed with family and career responsibilities.

 Successful Life Transitions guides our clients from the very beginning stages of planning on the next level of care and helps them prepare as things happen, so families have a clear direction and aren’t thrown into a crisis mode, which comes about when having to make decisions in the moment.



Through my own experiences (and, there have been MANY!), I have learned the strategies to reduce the overwhelm and turn the inevitable changes into powerful, and empowering experiences. – Christine Catoggio

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